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About Us

Himalayan Salt The Meadows rock salt has been providing the highest quality Himalayan Salt products for more then 20 years.? With offices all around the world we provide customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you are in The UK, Europe or USA. You can directly contact our local office there, check samples and make an order.   ...

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Salt Products

Salt Products: We have all kinds of salts products ranges from salt lamps, candles, edible salts and salt caves and spas. Quality is our main focus. We focus on every little detail to provide customers with the best product. Top Quality Crystals, stands and wiring makes our lamps standout amongst others. All the products listed are only few of the ...

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Salt Lamps Pakistan

Salt Lamps Pakistan: The Amazing Himalayan salt is full of benefits. When used as lamps, it purifies air and fills air with negative ions that cures asthma and allergies and improve energy levels. Its unprocessed with 84 additional minerals makes it best salt to eat. When used for bath it relaxes muscles and body. In caves you get all of the above ...

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